2022 Volume 2 Issue 1

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Amoako, P., Aidoo, K. B J. & Agbeshie, A. (2022). Visual Nexus of Akan Adinkra Symbols: Some Selected Works of Three Contemporary Ghanaian Artists

The paper sought to identify and examine the works of selected contemporary Ghanaian artists who incorporate Akan adinkra symbols into their paintings ...
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Donkor, E. K., Micah, V. K. B. & Ankrah, O. (2022). Aesthetic analysis of Donkor’s scrap metal bull sculpture

Trading metal waste, especially discarded metals and electronic waste (e-waste), is an economic quest for some people in Ghana. Metal scavengers, collectors, ...
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Navei, N. (2022). Visual arts and environmental conservation in Ghana: A case study of selected paintings of Ablade Glover

Environmental art remains one of the suitable advocacy strategies to ensure the preservation and conservation of the natural environment for human posterity ...
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