Amoako, P., Aidoo, K. B J. & Agbeshie, A. (2022). Visual Nexus of Akan Adinkra Symbols: Some Selected Works of Three Contemporary Ghanaian Artists

The paper sought to identify and examine the works of selected contemporary Ghanaian artists who incorporate Akan adinkra symbols into their paintings to portray Africanism. The study employed the qualitative case study research method using snowball sampling to select three artists and their works which are heavily laden with Akan adinkra symbols. Data were obtained through interviews, observation, review of documents and examination of artefacts. Content analysis was used in analysing the data. The findings indicate that all three artists have distinctive aesthetic significance for incorporating Akan adinkra symbols in their works. They consistently and vigorously engaged in incorporating adinkra symbols into their artistic productions and exposes the overwhelming sacred symbolism of these traditional symbols. It is recommended that other upcoming Ghanaian contemporary artists should inculcate Ghanaian traditional symbols and images into their artistic practices and write extensively on their works.

Visual nexus of Akan adinkra symbols: Some selected works of three contemporary Ghanaian artists
Published: January 7, 2023

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