Donkor, E. K., Micah, V. K. B. & Ankrah, O. (2022). Aesthetic analysis of Donkor’s scrap metal bull sculpture

Trading metal waste, especially discarded metals and electronic waste (e-waste), is an economic quest for some people in Ghana. Metal scavengers, collectors, and processors have used scrap metals for commercial and practical purposes. However, there seem to be very little scholarly writing on the aesthetic values of artworks created out of metal waste. The study sought to analyse the aesthetic values of Evans Donkor’s scrap metal bull sculpture composed of automobile parts. The study adopted a descriptive research design under the qualitative research approach. The study was centred on the scrap metal bull sculpture produced by Evans Donkor in 2015. The expert purposive sampling technique was adopted to gather data from art experts on the creation of the scrap metal bull sculpture. Data were analysed with the interpretive method as the discussion revealed that there were subjective values embodied in the composed scrap metal bull sculpture titled ‘Struggle for Perfection’ exhibited at the Department of Art Education, UEW, Winneba-Ghana. The study concludes that the creativity of Evans Donkor and his culmination of aesthetic understanding of metal waste into artwork strengthen art practice as well as managing the environmental challenges by getting into scrap metals as an alternative material for sculpture.

Aesthetic analysis of Donkor’s scrap metal bull sculpture
Published: January 7, 2023

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